About Dr. Tripp

Dr. Eric Thomas Tripp DD is an ordained minister, self-talk counselor, artist, musician, and science enthusiast.

He is a seeker of the answers to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything, which led to his decision and commitment to pursue world peace through inner peace.

This commitment propelled his spiritual awakening, and caused a dramatic shift in his lifestyle and career. His service to others shifted from corporate masters, to like-minded students of ancient spiritual masters.

Dr. Tripp is a Reiki and Sacred Flame energy practitioner. These, along with all of the modalities he integrates in his methods, are effective regardless of where the client is located.

His proficiency using applied Kinesiology allows him to to converse with the body, find the root causes of the fear, pain, and the emotions associated with life’s stressful situations and diagnosis.

The body’s autonomic nervous system allows us to converse with it about these emotions through testing whether your muscles are strong or weak, and revealing reactive beliefs we would not choose.

He uses those answers to dissolve and harmonize these unprocessed emotions stored in your body, using the power of Infinite Love and Gratitude, as well as, reveal the wisdom that is shared by your inner child about these emotions.

Dr. Tripp developed his skill using applied Kinesiology for several years before finding The Lifeline Technique in 2008. Applied Kinesiology is one of the main tools and one of the main reasons this technique so powerful.

He became certified in 2009, and studied under Dr. Darrren Weissman, the developer of the technique, for two and a half years.

The Lifeline Technique is an extremely flexible system, and is the structure around which all the enphoria methods flow.

This flow allows for any concept or modality to be integrated in a client session, to dynamically address all of life’s stressful situations or relationships.

This flexibility creates unique experiences, which are always different, interesting, and enlightening.

Dr. Tripp’s love affair with art, music, sound, and technology started very young, and was in no small part, due to his father.

Following in his footsteps by practicing to become a percussionist, starting in grade school, and then blossoming as a singer in high school, are some of the underpinnings of his interest in the sacred ancient instruments of the Himalayas and other native cultures.

While his enthusiasm for science fueled his interest in modern tuning forks calibrated to the specific frequencies of the body’s organs and energy systems.

Dr. Tripp’s commitment to achieving world peace has also called forth his mission to help others along their journey toward inner peace, and unlock their own bodies natural healing processes. Your body is a self-healing entity.

He will hold a sacred space of compassion for you to feel supported while releasing the traumas and dramas from the past, which are the root cause of the pain, fear, and stress that we experience in the now.

Let him help you move toward your true nature of thriving. Reinvigorate your journey today, and create measurable improvements toward realizing your dreams now! Yes!