what is enphoria?

en·pho·ri·a  (ĕn-fôr′ē-ə)

1. An integrated state of happiness or well-being within the body, mind, and spirit.
2. A platform for creating and holding the sacred space of infinite love, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude.
3. An abiding connection to self-love; 0010110.
[Latin, from Greek, from euphoros, healthy; en-, a prefix meaning “within, in,” from Greek. Compare to: be-, in-.]

My mission in life is to provide service to others that create measurable improvements toward realizing their dreams.

By integrating multiple energetic modalities I create powerful and uplifting experiences, which are both laser-focused on the issue, and informative.

Unlike some other methods, very little time is spent on the client telling their story.

The client only needs to connect to their story so that they can observe the emotions which surround it.

These emotions provide the pathway into their subconscious mind where the original trauma was anchored, and then resonates as an interference pattern because those emotions could not be processed in that traumatic moment.

This old pattern is what we harmonize using the power of Infinite Love and Gratitude, which in turn dissolves the lenses of misperception and the core limiting beliefs that were created due to the interference.

As a result, the emotions can finally be processed by the body, and the associated wisdom can be understood.

Clients gain some insight into the reasons behind, or the origins of their issue, while making major progress towards feeling better.

At the beginning of each session clients will observe and rate how they feel about the issue, and then again at the end, to provide some contrast and feel how far they have come in each session.

This is the enphoria, where dreams are realized now! Yes!