self-talk method

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No matter how large or small the current is the inner child always has an opinion.

What you say and how you respond to your inner child can really affect the tenor of your day and major life decisions.

Are you sick and tired of your inner child giving you fits?

This is my specialty. Let’s create a healthier new life, with a happier inner child, who can help you realize your dreams now! Yes!

An energetic, emotional clearing and harmonizing of that ineffable part of you that connects through your heart to your subconscious and your higher self.

This energetic part of you holds the key, and is the source of energy for your spark to grow into a bright sacred flame that guides your path.

By combining the elements and wisdom of Ho’oponopono, the Sovereign Language of Now, and the Lifeline Technique, this method dissolves the interference patterns which limit your access to your higher self.

Let’s relieve your inner critic from its thankless job of toothless attacks, and the never-ending commentary.

Your inner critic likes to believe that it’s in control, but it’s perspective is limited and childlike in its emotional security.

The self-talk method will help you integrate your inner child, and regain your higher perspective and access to the wisdom of your higher self.

Then your inner child can play its role as a curious companion, confident that it doesn’t have to second-guess your decisions.

It will cheer you on, and provide creative solutions as you navigate the currents of your life.

Getting to the root of the issue and finding out the reasons behind lie’s stressors and pains let’s you get beyond these tired old repeating programs.

The real power is in the creation of a new intention about what you do want, instead of focusing on what you’re trying to get rid of.

It sounds simple, and it is, but most of the time we focus on suppressing the problem or getting rid of the symptoms, I know I sure did.

Then I found a better way, by acknowledging the thoughts of my mind with compassion and gratitude.

The body’s autonomic nervous system allows your body to speak with us by testing whether your muscles are strong or weak.

When your emotional state is in a reactive state then your muscles will be weak.

When you’re in a conscious state of choice then your muscles will be strong.

This allows us to find out the answers to why you have these stressors and pains, and why you’re feeling this way. As well as, what triggers the emotions that are expressed as a result.

Once we know that, we are able to dissolve and harmonize these emotions using the power of Infinite Love and Gratitude.

If we can listen to what our inner child has to say with compassion then this issue can be dissolved, which brings clarity to the message and the underlying lesson,  that’s been hard for us to hear until now, so we just told it to shut up.

The harmony is resolved for this issue once we can understand the message, much like it’s very hard to understand what the crying baby wants when you’re in the middle of it whaling.

Let’s create a new life, with a happier inner child, who can help you achieve your dreams and goals now! Yes!

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Your hearts desire is for you to own your own power
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Transform Your Relationships
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Bring clarity to the best next steps for your life
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